Worm Farms

Eco Valley Worms is a supplier of quality worm farms, compost worms, worm cast, worm eggs and fishing bait worms.

Worm FarmWe ship top quality worms all over Australia for composting and fishing. Our worms are harvested, packaged and dispatched on the same day Australia wide every week to guarantee you are receiving the freshest, healthiest worms possible.
Our worms are weighed on professional commercial scales at the time of packaging, and in accordance with general standards in the worm industry each pack contains either 500g or 1kg. The industry standard is that 500g is approximately equal to 2000 worms, and 1kg is approximately 4000.

We have extremely competitive prices on all our worms which can be found on our products page. These prices include delivery to anywhere in Australia and a guarantee of excellent quality worms.

Eco Valley Worms can also deliver a range of worm farms suitable to any home. To start a worm farm, a minimum of 500g is recommended for the best possible results. At Eco Valley Worms, we pride ourselves on having the best quality mixture of worms for composting, and our worms are exceptionally well cared for and are an excellent size.

We also have the best African Night Crawlers for fishing, and have received praise from fisherman and women all over Australia for the size and quality of our worms.

Eco Valley Worms also supplies worms for Biolytix, Nature Loo and similar waste treatment systems, and our superior mix is the best for keeping these systems functioning at their optimum level.

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